70s Tapestry

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70s Tapestry ↗ is a tribute to the fine art work of embroiderers, and the 70s design.

Posted on fx(hash) on December 12th, 2021, it sold out in one day. 70 editions were issued, at 0.70 tezos.

The tiled pattern, looking like embroidery, is first created, as small tiles of lines, looking like leaves or circles. The details are very important here. Here is for example a closeup on 70s Tapestry #70, first bought by @greweb.

70s Tapestry details on tiles

Then the image created is masked, sometimes with progressive masking.

70s Tapestry details on progressive masking

Finally, a noise effect is added.

Variations include :

  • 10 Color Palettes
  • Dark or Light background
  • A reversed color mode
  • 1 or 2 palettes used
  • 4 types of framing, including a randomized one
  • 3 types of embroidery tile type distribution
  • and some special rare traits.

It's sold out, but you can still get one on the secondary market